Control Room

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The control room - the heart of any studio. We have accumulated vast experience in the creation of the control room, because we never had enough studio space and wishing to increase the area of ​​our halls, we are already the fourth time we change our address. Now we finally have built a truly spacious studio, which implemented all our knowledge and skills for the construction of control rooms. Our control room is built on the principle of NE, proposed by Philip Newell in his famous book Project Studios. Acoustic project prepared by our sound engineer Sergey Naumenko and after eight months of hard joint work of our entire team, we finally got the control room, which we really like. The construction of the control room from March to August 2013 was attended by: Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilya Yagoda, Alexander Kondratiev, Sergey Naumenko, Yuri Danilin and Igor Lutberg.
32-channel Midas XL3 console allows you to distribute the eight individual stereo monitor lines at any point of any room and studio base, which is very important for musicians who want to record their works, performing them at the same time all together, as a rehearsal or concert. We put together all the equipment and devices specially ordered our furniture as possible to facilitate the control devices and their management. A full list of equipment you can find here.
Fans of comfortable work will be pleased to know that we have installed a ventilation system with eight-fold margin of power and ultra-quiet motors. Each room has air conditioning, humidifier.

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Well, this is the most pleasant place for your friends and guests. An ideal place to listen to the tracking or mix. There often sit guitarists, bassists and vocalists, while recording, as the amplifiers are in the control room and the cabinet is located in another room, and the control you hear the sound through microphones, so what it is on the record. Just here, you can hear a rough mix.

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