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01.10.15 Added video to video section
11.01.15. Added audio to mixing section.

31.12.14. Dear friends! Happy new year!

Hello! Welcome to new web site studio "Gigant Record".
Were soon we update and add information about our studio. We hope you enjoy !

Studio "Giant Record" provides a full cycle of professional services to create high-quality audio material. Recording, mixing, mastering and full video production. Prepare your music for the radio. Restoration of audio. Recording the albums.
Studio "Giant Record" was founded in spring 2002, and gained a high reputation and for many musicians the name "Giant Record" has become legendary in Russia.
A special pride is the high quality studio recording mixing and mastering the "live music", the quality of which has received high praise from engineers and sound producers in our country and from the United States, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Austria and others countries.
High professionalism and friendliness of engineers, a sufficient number of high-end audio equipment and home atmosphere allows our customers to fully carry out its tasks, experiencing fun in the process.
At your disposal a large studio, with a large window overlooking the Ostankino TV tower, a large control room, two small rooms for vocals and guitars and a kitchen. Also we have a professional rehearsal room. The total area of 170m2 studio and rehearsal room. All good ventilation, and air conditioning.