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Studio "Gigant Record" was founded in 2002 Kuznetsov Evgeny Gigantovich. From 2002 to 2005, the studio was located on Gogololevsky Boulevard, then moved to the Staraya Basmannaya, after to Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya st., and is now on the Novodmitrovskaya st. 5a, p. 2. Here are pictures of various years.

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Studio Team "Gigant Record" 2015 y.
From left to right: Alexandr Kondratyev, Ilya Yagoda, Sergey Naumenko, Eugeny Kuznetsov, Igor Lutberg, Yuri Danilin.

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Drum recording for Triatom project, Soundengener Igor Lutber. 13.03.2016.

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Alexandr Kondratyev. 2015 y.

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Ilya Yagoda. 2015 y.

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Sergey Naumenko. 2014 y.

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Liver Band 'Uralskie Pelmeni". 2015 y.

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Yuri Danalin. 2015 y.

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KVN team "Uezdny Good", Soundengener Igor Lutber. 2015 y.

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Ilya Yagoda, Irina Muravieva, Eugeny Kuznetsov. 2014 y.

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Cherkesov Valery, "Gigant Record" on Staraya Basmannaya, 2005 y.

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Control Room, "Gigant Record" Staraya Basmannaya, 2005 y.

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Yuri Kostenev, Ilya Yagoda, Alexandr Solich. 2013 y.

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Igor Zubkov during production musical "Watchmaker". december 2015 y.

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Igor Lutberg during production musical "Watchmaker". december 2015 y.

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"Proff" "Tractor Bowling", "Gigant Record"Staraya Basmannaya, 2005 y.

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Alexandr Kondratyev, Victor Bulatov. "Gigant Record" Gogolevsky Boulevard., 2004 y.

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In this building, the studio began its work in 2002. This photo was taken on the last day of the move to Staraya Basmannaya street. To this day our studio occupies the entire first floor and office on the second floor. "Giant Record" on Gogolevsky Boulevard, 2005 y.